Final Oral Round
2019/04/14 18:00:00

The Final Oral Round of the 7th EHRMCC will take place on the 14th of April 2019!

  • Competition materials

    Read the case, rules and guidelines!

  • Application form

    Applications have closed for the 7th Edition.

  • Previous editions

    Find out more about the cases and winners of previous editions.

  • Traineeships

    Traineeships at the European Court of Human Rights for the winning team of the competition. Traineeship for the Best Overall Orator at the Council of Europe Liaison Office with the European Union Brussels.

  • Reimbursement

    For those who will win the Council of Europe prize and the prize for the Best Overall Orator, ELSA will cover up to 400 EUR of the accommodation costs per person.

Who can participate?

Teams consist of 2-4 students, that are currently enrolled in undergraduate or Masters’ studies in law at an eligible university at the time of submission of the application. Optionally, a team may have up to two coaches.

What is the procedure?
  • Application

    There is no initial participation fee to enter the moot court competition. However, the teams that are qualified to the Final Round have to pay a participation fee that covers accommodation and meals.

  • Written Submissions

    Registered teams have to send two Written Submissions, one for the Applicant and one for the Respondent, based on the fictive case. The Written Submissions will be scored to select teams for the Final Round in Strasbourg.

  • Pre-Rounds (optional)

    Teams that have sent their Written Submissions are able to participate in Regional Pre-Rounds. The Pre-Rounds are optional, non-eliminatory and are only providing non-substantive feedback.

  • Final Round

    Twenty teams are qualified to the Final Round based on the evaluation of their Written Submissions. The round is held yearly in Strasbourg with the pleadings taking place at the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe.