Regional Rounds and Covid-19

After numerous discussions with the EHRMCC team, Regional Round Organisers and the rest of the International Board of ELSA, we made a decision to convert the Regional Rounds of the 9th EHRMCC to a fully virtual format. This decision has been taken following consideration of all recent circumstances and stricter measures that are being imposed every day throughout Europe. The Regional Rounds of the 9th EHRMCC will still be organised by ELSA Maastricht, ELSA Portugal and ELSA Cluj-Napoca, hence the academic quality will not be affected by this decision. We strongly believe that it is better to prevent financial damages and ensure equal entering criteria for all the teams in a timely manner.
In terms of fees, we will only charge the registration fee (100€). The participation fee for the Regional Rounds will not be charged.
The Final Oral Round is to happen between the 17th and the 21st of May in Strasbourg. However, based on the current French lockdown, we are closely monitoring the situation and will let you know should there be any modifications. 
Thank you for understanding.