What are Pre-Rounds?

Pre-Rounds are optional, non-eliminatory rounds of the EHRMCC. Participants may join Pre-Rounds to practice their pleading and and recieve feedback on their soft skills. The participation in Pre-Rounds shall not influence the selection for the Final Oral Round and may only provide non-substantive feedback. Keep in mind that the Pre-Rounds are organised by National and Local Groups of ELSA, and are therefore out of the scope of responsibility of ELSA’s International Board.

Contact the organising groups via the email adresses provided to ensure your spot to practice your skills!

Pre-Round 1: Graz, Austria
17 - 18 January 2019

National Group(s): ELSA Austria and ELSA Germany

Local Group: ELSA Graz

Location: University of Graz, Austria

Fee: None

Accommodation: None. Check out the Fact Sheet for more information.

Contact: directorhrmcc@elsa-austria.org

Please note that it is no longer possible to join this Pre-Round. 

National Group(s): ELSA United Kingdom

Local Group: ELSA LSE SU

Location: LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) and the offices of Orrick Law Firm in London, United Kingdom.

Fee: £50,00

Accommodation: None, but refreshments, participation material and prizes are included.

Contact: mootcourts@uk.elsa.org

Please note that it is no longer possible to join this Pre-Round. 

Pre-Round 2: London, United Kingdom
7 – 8 February 2019
Pre-Round 3: Odessa, Ukraine
23 – 24 February 2019

National Group: ELSA Ukraine

Local Group: ELSA Odesa

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Fee: €30,00 or ₴800,00

Accommodation: Yes.

Contact: academicactivities@ua.elsa.org

Please note that citizens of certain countries may require a Visa to travel to Ukraine. Applications are open until mid-February unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity.