Testimonials from Judges
The European Moot Court Competition brings together top law students from around Europe to debate important issues of international human rights law in the Palace of Justice in Strasbourg, the home of the European Court of Human Rights. I had the privilege of chairing the Jury in the Grand Finals in 2015 and it was a great honour and a pleasure. I was struck by the immense ability and dedication of the participants and their passion for the issues that were debated. It is a comfort to know that new generations of competent lawyers are interested in pursuing a career in the field of human rights as this is a precondition for the effective protection and implementation of fundamental rights and freedoms. The Moot Court is a valuable experience for all those law students that are interested in furthering their careers in this field.
Robert Spano
Judge at European Court of Human Rights
It was a considerable honour for me to preside the 2016 Fourth Edition of the ELSA European Human Rights Moot Court in Strasbourg. Over the years this competition has acquired a high reputation and much prestige.(...)I have enormous admiration for all participants who over many months thoroughly prepared for this big event. They have gained so much in so many respects: a deep knowledge of European human rights and its procedures; how to plead in court both as an applicant and as a respondent; and not least how to cooperate as a team.
Mark Villiger
Former Judge and Section President at European Court of Human Rights
Testimonials from Participants and Coaches
The Human Rights Moot Court competition is without doubt an amazing and highly educative experience. It’s a lot of work but the knowledge one reaps through it is necessary for every lawyer. The process involved long hours and little sleep but it’s so worth it at the end!! Working at the Brussels office of the Council of Europe has furthered my knowledge on the Convention and the relations between European Union and Council of Europe in a way that only working from the inside could. Living in Brussels and working in the capital of Europe is something you shouldn’t miss! Good luck to everyone!
Myrto Stavridi
The Best Orator, 3rd edition